Best Cities to Travel Alone

If you’ve just watched Eat, Pray, and Love or are feeling adventurous, you might want to take a chance and travel alone. Traveling is fun to do with other people, but it can be an adventure in itself to go solo. Here are some of the best cities in the world to travel while you’re alone.



Copenhagen’s metro system will get you around the city with ease. For everything else in between, you can hop on a City Bike–some even have a GPS on them for easier navigation–and pedal around one of the best bike cities in the world. Take a stroll through the Tivoli Gardens, Rosenborg Castle, or waterfront canals full of food and live entertainment.




No other city in Europe does festivals quite like the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. Check your calendar and head there for the Jazz and Blues or Film Festival. Maybe the Edinburgh Festival Fringe or Art Festival is more your things. Strap on some boots and explore the hilly costal city and stunning mountains like King Arthur’s Seat.



Explore the Prague Castle or take a walk through Old Town where you could get lost for days in the beautiful architecture. Nearby on the castle side is the Petřín funicular, which provides hilltop views of the city’s infamous orange rooftops, Gothic cathedrals, Baroque churches, and Renaissance palaces.




With surrounding canals and weeping willows, it’s easy to relax in this Flemish town. Exploring Bruges will feel like entering a fairy tale book. Explore some of the local shops or Market Square for goodies to bring back home. There’s a Belgian chocolate museum for those travelers with a sweet tooth, and you can shed the extra pounds by chasing after the grazing sheep in their pastures.


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